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week of 2007.04.16 to 2007.04.22

Posted by veritas on April 22, 2007

hikki owned this week – this week’s charts.


Top 5 Artists

1. Mew
2. Utada Hikaru
3. Suneohair
4. Orange Range
5. Do As Infinity

Top 5 Tracks

T-1. Suneohair – Uguisu (Album Mix)
T-1. Utada Hikaru – This Is Love
T-3. Utada Hikaru – Keep Tryin’
T-3. Orange Range – Yumekaze
T-5. Goto Maki – Uwasa no Sexy Guy
T-5. Shimamiya Eiko – Sora wo Mau Tsubasa -Album Mix-
T-5. Mew – Panda
T-5. Suneohair – Happy End (feat. Azumi)


Top 5 Bands

1. Mew
2. Suneohair
3. Utada Hikaru
4. Orange Range
5. DAI

Top 5 Tracks

1. Mew – Am I Wry? No
2. Suneohair – Uguisu (Album mix)
3. Shimamiya Eiko – Sora wo Mau Tsubasa -Album Mix-
4. Utada Hikaru – This Is Love
5. Suneohair – Happy End (feat. Azumi)

Artist of the Week

Utada Hikaru – Unique style and voice, and a warm feeling from the music. Passion is one of the greatest compositions I’ve heard, if only thanks to KH2, but it says something that it’s not her best song.

Album of the Week

Utada Hikaru – ULTRA BLUE – This album made its way into my playlist with flying colors (literally). The album has a strong chemistry and the songs flow fluidly from one to another.

Songs of the Week

1. Utada Hikaru – This Is Love
This week was kind of hectic since I fixed all of my id3tags to match with the official tags, which means I’m pretty much restarting my track plays for my Japanese artists (60% of my music). Regardless, this song knocked off 空を舞う翼 which has been #1 for 3 weeks, which is pretty amazing, because I just couldn’t stop playing it. It was hard to decide between this and #2 Keep Tryin’ as the top choice but this song is just what I wanted.

2. Utada Hikaru – Keep Tryin’
I’m not sure who else can tell, but it’s pretty obvious that she had a lot of fun writing this song and put a lot of energy behind it. On the Utada United 2006 DVD, the performance for this song has a lot more action-lyric interaction going on than in her other songs (like she gets up on a step and does a pose for “クールなポース決めながら”, i laughed) and it is shown in the PV as well. Good sfx and overall would have beat “This Is Love” if it was in the same context.

3. Suneohair – Uguisu (Album mix)
Amazing still. Can’t stop listening to it.

4. Orange Range – Lights
This song was a sleeper, and it grew on me the more i listened to it. It’s another peaceful shocker, and as we all know, contradictions are hot. It captivates the new Orange Range direction that the band is trying to head towards.

5. Suneohair – Pinto
Well I lied, there were just too many new and fresh exciting songs this week for AIWN to get on this list. Pinto has the same mood that I have every day going to class, work, with friends, etc, which is a nice feeling to have when you listen to a song, it’s as if the song understands what you are about, instead of the other way around.


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week of 2007.04.09 to 2007.04.15

Posted by veritas on April 19, 2007

This week’s charts.


Top 5 Artists

1. Mew
2. Suneohair
3. Maki
4. DAI

Top 5 Tracks

1. Shimamiya Eiko – Sora wo Mau Tsubasa -album mix-
2. Mew – Am I Wry? No
3. Goto Maki – Uwasa no Sexy Guy
4. Goto Maki – SOME BOYS! TOUCH
5. Mew – A Dark Design


Top 5 Bands

1. Mew
2. Suneohair
3. DAI
4. Maki
5. The Slip

Top 5 Tracks

T-1. Mew – Am I Wry? No
T-1. Shimamiya Eiko – Sora wo Mau Tsubasa -album mix-
3. Goto Maki – Uwasa no Sexy Guy
4. Mew – Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed
5. Suneohair – Happy End (feat. Azumi)

Artist of the Week

Suneohair – He’s not “new” but I did get a lot more of his music this week, which was like a godsend.

Album of the Week

Suneohair – a watercolor – I seriously think this is his best album. Everything is incredible, better than the feeling i got the first time i heard “Waltz” which made me seek his music (most of which is much better than “Waltz”).

Songs of the Week

T-1. Suneohair – Uguisu (album mix)
This and the other #1 spot song were really hard to call as my favorites this week. This is a totally new discovery though, so it’s slightly more exciting. This song combines all the best of Suneohair in one song, with the energy of “No Trick”, the dreamy sounds of “Split”, and powerful lyrics and soothing guitar. My new favorite song by Mr. Watanabe Kenji.

T-1. Goto Maki – Uwasa no Sexy Guy
Maybe the Bond fan inside me is trying to get out, but this song is really catchy. Something about the way she says “uwasa no sexy guy” is really alluring. I’ve had the PV for this but never the song until this week, so it was on repeat-one for a while lol. This is probably my favorite out of all of Gocchin’s songs.

3. Orange Range – Yumekaze
The leadoff track to their latest album, this song is really pleasant to listen to with captive bgm, similar to “*~Asterisk~”. Along with some parts of Natural and the rest of this album, this song helped put Orange Range back on my playlist, which up to now has been represented only by “*~Asterisk~”, “Hana”, and “Onegai! Senorita.”

4. Shimamiya Eiko – Sora wo Mau Tsubasa -album mix-
This song has been the #1 track on my charts for 3 weeks in a row, with good reason – it’s my favorite I’ve Sound track that I have. I remember listening to the I’ve Girls Compliation 1-6 and this song stuck out the second it started playing. It had a different feel from the rest (mostly jtrance, sometimes ballad jpop) immediately and progressed with Eiko’s awesome vocal talent to a nonstop eargasmic experience. Still can’t stop listening to it, and it’s the first contender for my favorite song in 2.5 years with…

5. Mew – Am I Wry? No
I’m pretty sure this song will never leave this list. It’s been my favorite song ever since I heard it, and I can’t explain why, but it seems to relate to different situations in my life and in different shows I’ve watched (Kare Kano most significantly) to the point where I hear this song every day, and it never gets old and fits any mood or situation of any extreme or extreme moderation.

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another incident of unstable asian-american culture clash

Posted by veritas on April 17, 2007

well as everyone knows by now, yesterday’s events at VT were at the fault of a korean senior english major. cnn has the details, i’m not going into those.

what i wanted to talk about, however, comes from the article “Gunman angry at ‘rich kids'”, specifically the part where they mention talking to the mailman who has been delivering to the student’s parents ever since they came to the US, 15 years ago. he describes them as “super nice”

i’m going to call bullshit on this one, and i’m also going to call bullshit on CNN for using the reader’s feelings (the majority of the people i talked to yesterday were in shock, as with any crisis) to convey sympathy towards the parents, hate the convict even more, and thus boost their own ratings. thank you media for once again manipulating people’s emotions for your own profit. Read the rest of this entry »

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the definition of mediocre

Posted by veritas on April 16, 2007

out of pure boredom i decided to go watch tonagura which i heard finished recently

what the hell was that

i don’t even know. it felt like nothing happened in the entire 13 episodes. like it was almost such that they tried to let nothing happen. they would build the plot and form a problem, then use unconventional methods to completely destroy any sort of anything happening. for example, at the end of like 9 or 10, due to mass misunderstanding (cliche, methinks) there’s a scene where kazuki is walking offscreen crying with a shirt barely covering her boobs, and yuuji standing there looking confused. THIS IS GOOD PLOT DEVELOPMENT POTENTIAL. here’s some options i saw happening in the next episode

a. yuuji chasing after kazuki with dramatic music playing and revealing that teacher to be an evil charismatic perv who uses that weak point to get some from kazuki, which yuuji has to stop

b. teacher and yuuji have manly talk and he gets adult advice about what it means to be a man, to which he can finally let go of his pride and kazuki will realize her own faults

but what do they do instead? THEY CUT IT OFF COMPLETELY LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED. at the beginning of the next episode we’re sat back in front of their houses as another school day begins without ANY KIND of closure as to how the beach day finished. i literally sat here staring at the screen in complete confusion and had to get out of fullscreen mode and go back and forth between episodes to make sure i didn’t accidentally skip an episode. to my horror, no, i didn’t. they really just suck that bad at plot writing.

usually when i give criticism i don’t think that i can do better, just that if they’re being paid to entertain, they better fucking entertain. but this time, seriously, there is no way anyone could ruin that as well as they did. or the whole show. the character cast coulda trumped Shuffle!, but instead, it was almost as bad as kakyuusei2. and i only say “almost” that because kakyuusei2 made me fall asleep while trying to watch through it. 3 times. i tried 4 times, fell asleep through 3 of them, and finally finished on the 4th. lunar even apologized for subbing it.

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a ton of new music

Posted by veritas on April 14, 2007

oh the joys and wonders and frustration of wanting to blow up sendspace of web surfing. well, my music library has doubled, or more, in the last 2 days. i also took the time to reorganize everything  because i couldn’t find anything anymore since everything was named “01.mp3” and when the id3tag also doesn’t work…you’re kind of screwed.

so 3 hours later, my music folder is organized by region -> artist -> album/single, which is great because now i have things sorted for once. then i look at my room, and so much for being organized.

amongst the mass amount of new music (which means i finally got that うわさのSEXY GUY that i couldn’t find for like a month) were some newer releases from ORANGE RANGE. i pretty much stopped keeping up with them since after Champione, and never heard Natural before.  i was pretty surprised that both Natural and Orange Range both sounded really good. there were a few “bleh” tracks in both but for the most part i was impressed. i’m putting them back on the playlist.

suneohair’s a watercolor is a magnificent album. sunestyle? eh…i’m not so sure. the song “Uguisu” on a watercolor is like “Split” blended with the energy of “No Trick” which makes it my new favorite song by suneohair. i feel really behind on the times since all of these albums are like 4 years old, but that’s what they mean by “it’s never too late” i guess.

when i get more time i’m going to listen through UVERworld’s new album and the Malice Mizer stuff i’ve been missing, and maybe some Luna Sea, Gackt, and Utada. i’m not gonna lie. this is pretty damn exciting.

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