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prince of tennis

Posted by veritas on May 21, 2007

there’s so many episodes. jesus. i’m on 92 right now and this feels like initial d in a lot of ways. except i think they’re exaggerating a lot more…

however that’s not important. the important part is that tezuka is ridiculously hardcore and oishi is quite kind. together they will bring peace to the world in justice and freedom either way, these guys seem to be emphasizing the “strong will” thing common in shounen shows…i wonder where that comes from. it’s exaggerated, of course, because few in this world are ever going to have the will that these kids have for playing tennis, but if we consider the audience…it’s pretty much a safe bet to assume that most of them need a dire self-confidence boost. changing lives through anime? well, it’s not that absurd, but that seems to be their goal. がんばってね。


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Posted by veritas on May 13, 2007

it’s 8:10pm and i just woke up. what the hell lol, i didn’t expect to shift into break schedule this quickly

i gotta write my paper today and go job searching tomorrow. mmm sounds like a fun time (/sarcasm)

i haven’t updated last lately but its much of the same. hikki is taking over my itunes lol

after things settle down i’m gonna start prince of tennis oh gees that’s gonna be fun.お楽しみ。。。

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exam week

Posted by veritas on May 4, 2007



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