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last weeks of school in japan

Posted by veritas on August 31, 2008

7/22 – 8/1

so by this time the prospect of having to return soon had pretty much taken over my mind, which was terrible, because it probably prevented me from reaching out and making new friends (though really, the amount of texting i was doing already was unbelievable, so this was probably a good thing). cynthia and i also spent a lot of time together doing shopping, which spread out between souvenir shopping, clothes shopping, random poor decision shopping, eating, and we never bought what we ORIGINALLY went shopping in the first place for – suitcases. yes, that’s right, we bought so much extra crap that we couldn’t fit everything. every year i’m like, ok, i’m downsizing on this suitcase thing, and every year it gets worse lol >.>

anyway, towards the end of school semester both the professors and students all started to care less – especially since it was the summer and it was so damn HOT. so i would chat with my professor, made her late for class, then not go to that class, and that was somehow ok. wake’s ridiculous attendance policy has somehow struck into my mind that “if there’s class and you don’t go, you are going to be actually punished beyond your monetary opportunity cost” so i was just baffled.

as previously mentioned, the last 2 weekends were nasty business that i don’t want to get into here, not only to spare you from having to read through useless ranting, but also because i don’t personally find any use in angrying myself for no reason. so, lips are shut (fingers are bound??) on this one!

as for other things! MUST VISIT SUNSHINE CITY! this place was fabulous. there are like 100 shops of random things, on top of a floor of restaurants. if anyone gets the urge to eat mexican food, PLEASE GO to the place on the 3rd floor here, it was delicious. maybe it was just us, but combining not having any mexican food for like 3 months and being horribly hungry that day, sinking your teeth into that first fajita and quesadilla was just unbelievable. we both got jitters and goosebumps chewing. and a strawberry margarita pitcher while we were at it, just because we could! ohhh so yummy

there is also namja town in this place, but i didn’t get there til the week after this. so i will go into that later! speaking of food, there was also a sushi place that i went to before the trip to kyoto, but zac and dan wanted to go try revolving sushi so we went back. this place is in shinjuku station (i know, i know, sooo specific), somewhere on the west side. rather than navigate the confusing underground section, i just go up to the rotunda and find the entrance next to the bic camera and take it down. you should find it soon. apparently without 4 people you can’t get a table there, and would have to go sit at a stool. which isn’t bad, because then everyone can pick their own sushi, but my other friends showed up and we ended up having 7 lol. as usual we ate a bunch of cheap plates then called the chef for 7 ootoro…and he had this look on his face that was a mix of “sweet we are making a bunch of money” and “fuggin foreigners have too much money”…which is not true, i just think that if you go to japan and dont have some ootoro, you miserably fail 😦

on that wednesday i ran into a “friend” for a (way overpriced) burger at friday’s. this is what we can “awkward tension” – she’s older than me (by 5 years, which really, is not substantial) but the thing where it’s wierd for guys to date older women is much stronger in japan – usually the bigger the age gap and the more boy-ish the guy looks, the better indicator that it’s a male host situation. (which is socially awkward, about 1000 times more than female hostess-ing, which makes no logical sense, but whatever) but she and i got along quite well, and she tried to hide the fact that she had a boyfriend for some reason lol. you will quickly find that in japan, the girls are very self-conflicting, where keeping their personal desires and social “right thing to do” in check is always very hard, and where this “nonverbal communication” will pretty much tell you, “ok, i have a boyfriend, but i’m going to keep saying that i don’t, and you will understand, so the ball is in your court” because then if something happens, it is not her fault. clever, and かなりムカつくw either this will happen, or there’s the other situation, where they will definitely make sure you are listening and then go talk about her boyfriend with someone else in the room, and then from there start vicariously flirting with you. once again, if something happens, “but you knew!” can always come out as defense. these are the reasons why guys that try to be good guys come back from japan thinking “damn, why are they so emotionally frustrating?!” ….however, since i like to turn everything “fun” about the world into logical explanations, this was just funny to me….unless i was dealing with it…which was often…ah oh well lol


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