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life’s little treasures

Posted by veritas on October 28, 2010

i was reminded by someone i met this past weekend that i needed to go check out more of bump of chicken’s discography. and so as i’m sitting here listening to 宇宙飛行士への手紙 on repeat i’m reminded of this one incident in tokyo that i totally forgot about.

it was a routine weekday evening on the way back from shinjuku to my host family’s place in 東小金井 on the 中央線 when i noticed the couple sitting down in front of me were struggling with this one english question. they were fighting it being answer choice b or d and being the nosy person i am, i give them the correct answer. from there starts about 3 hours of hanging out and whatnot, where i learn the girl is chinese and the guy japanese, both having started late on their career paths but chasing their dreams nonetheless. everyone is busy so we exchange contact info and try to set up another time to go hang out.

fast forward to the week before i head back to the states, and we finally are set to hang out on a random sunday night. i meet up with the guy (i either never knew or forgot his name, i just called him oniichan anyway as he was quite a bit older than me lol) across from shinjuku station, where we drove to kichijoji to meet his friends. what a peculiar set of people they were. no one spoke english. my friend was sort of the leader. he drove the car, he wore the wallet chain, he smoked the cigs. one of his friends was younger, almost my age, and the smartest of the group. for this reason they called him chibi, ironic since he was the tallest. the other was the oldest, and even came in a suit. he was kind of socially awkward, felt like otaku, but for this reason both of the others called him “professional” “mr. erai” and other extreme exaggerations. the entire evening he never understood that these monikers were jokes.

we set out to drink and karaoke. they were thrown off their feet by me singing スネオヘアー’s “Happy End”, saying, “なぜこの局をしている??” lol..oniichan&chibi always picked various rock songs, but at one point they pulled out a koda kumi duo. mr. erai always picked some crazy unknown opera song and sung it horribly, but it was so funny every time. he even busted out numa numa. sometime during the night oniichan’s gf called asking what was going on, and for some reason i ended up talking to her. i could tell from that conversation that their relationship was more about one of convenience, rather one of love, but she didn’t understand that. poor thing.

とにかく、すごいでしょ、たった”the answer is d”を知らない人にいったからこんなことを起こしたって?名前も仕事のことも知らずにみんなが一晩中に一緒に楽しんだ。今のちょっと迷った自分には、この話から重点は三つがある。まずは、人がいくつ年をとってもと、どんな立場でも夢を目指して追いかけるんだ。そして、勇気があれば、あきらめなければ、なんでもは可能、どこでもいける。それで、人が(たまに名前を知らずに!)命という交差点で擦れ違って、自分だけに頼りにしても、他のひとと作った思い出は永遠。それからこそだれか気になった一人がいるから自分が狂いになるとは実に哀れでしょ?


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