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prince of tennis

Posted by veritas on May 21, 2007

there’s so many episodes. jesus. i’m on 92 right now and this feels like initial d in a lot of ways. except i think they’re exaggerating a lot more…

however that’s not important. the important part is that tezuka is ridiculously hardcore and oishi is quite kind. together they will bring peace to the world in justice and freedom either way, these guys seem to be emphasizing the “strong will” thing common in shounen shows…i wonder where that comes from. it’s exaggerated, of course, because few in this world are ever going to have the will that these kids have for playing tennis, but if we consider the audience…it’s pretty much a safe bet to assume that most of them need a dire self-confidence boost. changing lives through anime? well, it’s not that absurd, but that seems to be their goal. がんばってね。


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the definition of mediocre

Posted by veritas on April 16, 2007

out of pure boredom i decided to go watch tonagura which i heard finished recently

what the hell was that

i don’t even know. it felt like nothing happened in the entire 13 episodes. like it was almost such that they tried to let nothing happen. they would build the plot and form a problem, then use unconventional methods to completely destroy any sort of anything happening. for example, at the end of like 9 or 10, due to mass misunderstanding (cliche, methinks) there’s a scene where kazuki is walking offscreen crying with a shirt barely covering her boobs, and yuuji standing there looking confused. THIS IS GOOD PLOT DEVELOPMENT POTENTIAL. here’s some options i saw happening in the next episode

a. yuuji chasing after kazuki with dramatic music playing and revealing that teacher to be an evil charismatic perv who uses that weak point to get some from kazuki, which yuuji has to stop

b. teacher and yuuji have manly talk and he gets adult advice about what it means to be a man, to which he can finally let go of his pride and kazuki will realize her own faults

but what do they do instead? THEY CUT IT OFF COMPLETELY LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED. at the beginning of the next episode we’re sat back in front of their houses as another school day begins without ANY KIND of closure as to how the beach day finished. i literally sat here staring at the screen in complete confusion and had to get out of fullscreen mode and go back and forth between episodes to make sure i didn’t accidentally skip an episode. to my horror, no, i didn’t. they really just suck that bad at plot writing.

usually when i give criticism i don’t think that i can do better, just that if they’re being paid to entertain, they better fucking entertain. but this time, seriously, there is no way anyone could ruin that as well as they did. or the whole show. the character cast coulda trumped Shuffle!, but instead, it was almost as bad as kakyuusei2. and i only say “almost” that because kakyuusei2 made me fall asleep while trying to watch through it. 3 times. i tried 4 times, fell asleep through 3 of them, and finally finished on the 4th. lunar even apologized for subbing it.

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naruto shippuuden – first thoughts

Posted by veritas on April 9, 2007

after being out of the anime loop for a while, i just found out like three days ago that 1. naruto ended 2. they made another one 3. it picks up where i quit watching because fillers made me want to jibun wo korosu

so in any case, i grabbed 1-7 quickly and proceeded to watch. now, here’s what i can analyze

in the …24*7=168 minutes of watching, absolutely nothing happened. i’m was hoping (really hoping) this was because they’re trying to do flashbacks to fill in people unfamiliar to the show. then i realized that if you didn’t know anything about naruto, watching these flashbacks and “hints” to what missions were wouldn’t do you shit for good. what the fuck is erosennin? wierd guy with wierd makeup and sand? huh? OMIGAW HIS FACE IS CRACKING WTF

so i decided that, sadly, it was another case of the gundam seed destiny flashback abuse thing common in shounen genre this generation. ah man…

i don’t know why but i got this wierd feeling when i was watching, kind of like when i was watching dragonball z in 5th grade. in the original naruto (well, up to 140ish, i don’t know about the rest) you had your filler episodes and you had you action episodes. you’d get like 10 fillers in a row, and then about 15 action and drama packed episodes with cliffhangers and a lot of stuff going on at the same time. so this way you don’t mind the fillers because you just got introduced to the concept of mangekyou sharingan. woahhhhh dudeeee

this time around, in those 7 episodes nothing happened and it wasn’t filler. i swear, if naruto ever takes up multiple episodes to charge up a single rasengan or whatever his next big move is (come on it’s getting old we need a new bigass flashy move) i’m going to make sure some heads roll

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random urge to watch gto

Posted by veritas on April 7, 2007

so it’s a 3 day weekend here due to good friday (read: the teachers and students all want a break. thank god for holidays as an excuse to take some time off), and at about 3 in the morning i randomly had this urge to watch gto. i have no idea why.

in any case we start off on episode 2 because 1 is simply an introduction. i remember that every person i’ve ever recommended this to started off with the impression that “ok i don’t like this it seems like it’s just gonna be about some perverted guy making jokes”. which i guess could be conveyed from the context but it’s just too bad that people use that as the cause to not continue watching it. as murai’s mom puts it well, “it doesn’t matter what how he is, he gets what he needs to get done, and that’s how a guy should be”.

i stopped for the night on 15, which is the end of the techisawagurareshira chapter, right before the infamous urumi kanzaki makes her apperance. urumi has to be on my list of favorite and most powerful single characters ever. the reason for her existence is quite beautiful. a pretty and elegant girl that doesn’t fit into society due to her great intellectual abilities but in exchange sacrifices compassion. with the world placing such a great importance on modesty since human pride cannot stand a complete realization and acceptance of being a lesser being to another, it seems that this take on another of society’s problems is fresh, but at the same time overused. there are plenty of people that use this approach in order to make themselves look/feel better, which is terrible as it lets them dig themselves into an even deeper hole. in urumi’s case, irony is present in that she is afraid of being not a perfect being, and tries wholeheartedly to prove herself wrong, but in the end with onizuka’s assistance does she realize that she is right once again in how much she has yet to understand. oh the curse of being right. it is a painful one.

this is a small but significant part of the tale of onizuka. the show focuses on comedy as a satire of society. the traditional roles of people (government workers, teachers, students, businessmen, and the media are all presented in this show) are displayed accurately (“it’s funny because it’s true”) while onizuka just punches through it all. he defies these laws that he finds ridiculous, the same ones that most of us find ridiculous, but we don’t do anything about it simply because of fear of a greater consequence. and he knows about the consequences too, but he doesn’t care as long as he is being honest to himself. when you get to that point, the point of being completely honest with yourself, that’s a great thing. realistic? maybe not. maybe that’s what this show is trying to say.

without getting too analytical, though, it is hard not to appreciate the satire presented of the japanese school system, great toroko oppai (japanese female idol concept), and that which is urumi kanzaki.

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god dammit

Posted by veritas on August 22, 2006

i’m really sorry but i just have to, dont care if its ofn or wherever it was stolen from


r.o.f.l this is as bad as the neji capt crunch commercial

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