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new cottonseed discovery leads to new ideas about research

Posted by veritas on November 27, 2006

As world population rises, so does world hunger. Not so much in our country, but especially in undeveloped countries, many are starving. Although developed countries are trying their best to help, it just seems impossible to satisfy the nutrient needs of all. Well, a new development may not cure this dilemma, but surely will help it. Cottonseeds, previously inedible, have been scientifically manufactured to be edible. In Science News Online’s November 25th article, “Toxin Buster: New technique makes cottonseeds edible” (found at, a new protein source is discovered. Read the rest of this entry »


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sneaky sneaky 100ft waves

Posted by veritas on November 21, 2006

When you think of terrifying natural disasters from the water, the words “hurricane” and “tsunami” usually pop up in the mind. The most dangerous, perhaps, is neither of those but rather “rogue waves” – better known as “monster waves” or “freak waves” – that may emerge not only in stormy areas but out of nowhere in calm waters. According to Science News Online’s November 18th article, “Dashing Rogues” (found at, these little known wonders of the ocean could be any boat’s biggest worry.

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might as well go get bit by a tarantula

Posted by veritas on November 13, 2006

Without the strong sting that your tongue feels, eating salsa or Doritos wouldn’t be the same. It turns out, however, that the same neuron responsible for this stinging sensation in peppers is responsible for the strong pain felt when bit by a spider. According to ScienceNews Online’s November 11th report, “Hot, Hot, Hot: Peppers and spiders reach same pain receptor” (found at, the pain from a tarantula bite and from eating a pepper is exactly the same.

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new nba ball – friction what?

Posted by veritas on November 5, 2006

One of the most popularly watched forms of entertainment in our country is the NBA. Of course with any professional sport, there are rules past just the rules of the game. Among the politics and business of the NBA, it’s easy to forget the easier dilemma of all – what kind of ball should be used that would be best for all players? Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, asked the Physics department of the University of Texas at Arlington to check this out in ScienceNews Online’s November 4th, 2006 article, “Dribble Quibble: Experiments find that new basketball gets slick” (found at Read the rest of this entry »

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busy bees’ composition unbound

Posted by veritas on October 30, 2006

Crucial to the pollination process and famous for their sweet honey, people usually don’t appreciate the honeybee’s intriguingly complex lifestyle. As a stratified society, honeybees all have a different job in the hive. From larvae care to queen, bees uphold their reputation as constantly being busy. According to Science News Online’s October 28th article, “Genome Buzz: Honeybee DNA raises social questions” (found at, the western honeybee’s genome has been fully decoded, solving some mysteries and raising new questions about the species’ lifestyle. Read the rest of this entry »

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